Spray foam insulation

Spray Foam Insulation is probably the most versatile of all insulation materials. With this in mind Uvalue spray foam has focused its energy on perfecting spray foam application, saving time, money and most importantly energy.

Uvalue spray foam insulation use NSAI water blown spray form as apposed to chemical blown spray foam, so when you property has be insulated your living environment is warmer and healthier than before we started.

Attic insulation

Insulating your attic with spray foam insulation has become the most effective method to save you money on your home heating bills. Remember a 50mm vapour gap is required by part L of the building regulation so water vapor can escape from your home.

attic insulation

Roof insulation

Insulating your roof with spray foam insulation will aid the lifetime of your roof, preventing the breakout of cracks and leaks. Spray foam insulates a roof far better than traditional insulating materials such as rock wool and fiberglass.

roof insulation

Floor / underfloor insulation

When choosing to insulate your newly built or renovated home with spray foam insulation, Floor insulation is the perfect method to prevent the heat loss caused by gaps in your floor boards, keeping your home warmer for longer.

floor insulation

Breathable vent card

As per building regulations a 50mm air gap must be left before the foam can be sprayed. Our breathable vent card removes this problem. The vent card is only needed when Open cell spray foam is used, as closed cell foam is not "Breathable".

breathable vent card

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